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Become a Concierge Member

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Pay it forward AND get great Care!

Grassroots Concierge was created for members of Grassroots Healthcare Foundation who want to donate in excess of $500 per month AND desire concierge level access.

While Direct Primary Care membership includes access to the standard “9 to 5” clinic, Concierge Care includes after hours and immediate access due to even more physician availability. You get my mobile phone number and I don't complain if you call me at midnight. I can stitch you up instead of taking a trip to urgent care. Need a sport's physical done by problem. Concierge allows members of GHF to provide equity in healthcare (your dollars go to support the mission). It also gives you the level of service (high quality and near immediate) that empowers you with time to create the wealth that empowers the mission of GHF.

Membership is tax deductible to the extent allowable by the IRS. Grassroots provides end of year statements to assist your tax preparation showing membership donations minus the actual costs of services provided. Please consult your tax attorney for assistance as needed.