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Become an Endowment Donor

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Sustainability is important to our Endowment Donors. Moving forward with a vision of Universal Primary care in the context of Reconciliation as Image Bearers is the mission. We want to be part of the Kingdom Coming. We want to Love God by Loving Others. We know that Love is the only sustenance for this mission in eternity. We also know that in the "now but not yet" moment, we also need money to sustain it.

We humbly invite you to become Endowment Donors. We want to secure funds for the future so that this mission grows and moves the world in the direction of Grace and Peace.

As an Endowment Donor, we invite you to participate in the leadership of Grassroots Healthcare Foundation. Endowment Donors have voting rights within the organization structure and help steer the direction of the movement. We want to hear the voices of people who put their money where their mouth is!

There is no exact amount to become an Endowment Donor, so anyone can do it. Endowment Donors agree to donate 10% of their annual post-tax (net) income to Grassroots Healthcare Foundation.

This is not a fundraising effort and this is not an "ask." This is an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. This is for anyone who believes in the mission of Grassroots Healthcare Foundation and wants to commit to our small part in advancing the Kingdom cause.

Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by the IRS. Grassroots provides end of year statements to assist your tax preparation. Please consult your tax attorney for assistance as needed.